How to Compose and Send an E-mail Using

by Mandy


E-mailing may not be as popular as messaging or posting via social network platforms these days with almost everybody in the world having a Facebook account but an e-mail is truly essential when it comes to business as circulars, memos and other important notes can be sent to the employees without having to call for a meeting among all areas.

Whatever the reason for e-mailing, let it be business or pleasure, this article will give a step-by-step overview of how to compose and send an e-mail. (Of course before you compose any email, you have to have signed up for a Gmail account).

Step 1: Open any browser, let it be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Type in the address,, then press enter. This will immediately lead you to the sign in page where you will be asked to input the username and the password.

Type in the appropriate data and click on the blue Sign in button located just below the password. This will redirect you to your inbox which looks like this.

Step 2: Look for the red COMPOSE button on the left side of the screen and click it to start composing (and later on, sending) an e-mail. A small box will appear on the lower right of the screen containing the recipients, the subject, a large box where the message will be formed and various functions at the bottom.

send email

If the box may deem to be too small for you, or if you’d prefer the composition box to be much larger, you may click on the arrow pointing diagonally to the right located right beside the – (minimize) sign. It will then look like this.

Step 3: Input the e-mail address to whom you shall be sending a message to. Don’t forget to include a subject. The subject may be as short or as long as you want, depending on the topic. In the example below, a simple Hello at the subject line may suffice.

Type in your message. If you may have noticed, a ‘Saved’ word instantly appears on the bottom right of the screen. That means that the draft is automatically saved which allows you to go back to it in cases of power interruptions, Internet trouble, among others.

Once done, press the blue Send button at the bottom. Immediately, the message will be sent and a small yellow notification will appear at the center of the screen.

That’s it, simple as that. Enjoy composing and sending an e-mail to your loved ones and even to your coworkers via Gmail!


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